1.28 released

This release adds fourteen premade decks,

BG_Sniper_40.dec, BU_Gluttony_40.dec, BU_Gluttony_60.dec, BU_Mind_Mangler_40.dec, BU_Mind_Mangler_60.dec, BU_Nightmare_Control_40.dec, GW_Samurai_40.dec, RB_Vampire_Count_40.dec, RG_Rush_40.dec, RW_Flash_40.dec, RW_Holy_Fire_40.dec, Rainbow_Dragonlord_60.dec, Relentless_Rats.dec, WB_Spirit_Tokens_40.dec, W_Holy_Arms_40.dec

fourteen new cards,

Badlands, Bayou, Goblin King, Granite Gargoyle, Plateau, Roc of Kher Ridges, Savannah, Scrubland, Scryb Sprites, Tropical Island, Tundra, Underground Sea, Volcanic Island, Wall of Fire

and fixed the following bugs

The color property in the card script is now derived from the cost if it is not specified.